I used a community maker’s space to undertake much of the initial development of the EverShower prototype. The workshop can be seen here (photo attached) in the background. It is located in the back-streets, immediately adjacent to Auckland’s CBD. Other members of the workshop had only a vague idea of my project. This photo shows the first time I set the shower to function under the tailgate of a van. I had just finished, then decided that I needed a shower anyway. So,on the street, in the middle of New Zealand’s largest city, I stepped into the shower, stripped off and turned it on. I had been enjoying my shower for quite a few minutes when a couple of the guys from the workshop wandered over for a closer look at what I was doing. As he approached, one of the guys, said, “So, is there a pump in there?”. Then as he came closer he could see my head and the water flowing from the shower rose. A little startled, before I had a chance to reply, he then said, “Are you having a shower now?”. “Yes”, I said, then joking, “Do you mind? A little privacy thank you”.