In hot regions it may be preferable not to heat the water at all. But in colder areas, obviously, heated water is greatly appreciated and with the EverShower system there are several ways of doing so:

Portable Camping Shower Sydney

Stove: Water can simply be heated on a camp stove, then poured into the tub and recycled.

Solar: Use the free energy of the sun. Just pour a few litres into the tub, enclose it with the heat absorption cover and let the sun do its thing.

Portable Camping Shower Melb

Heat exchange system: For real luxury EverShower has been made compatible with several gas/propane water heaters such as Coleman’s Hot Water On Demand or Companion Brand’s Aqua Cube. If you really want to spoil yourself in the cold this is definitely the way to go.

There are several excellent heat exchange systems on the market today. Depending on your particular circumstance and requirements we can recommend and supply the best heat exchange system to suit your needs or you can purchase your own independently.