We’ve had quite a few enquiries regarding EverShowering in very cold conditions. People have been asking if EverShower is suitable to take to the snow, for example.

Allow me to share a short story of our own experience with EverShower in the snow in New Zealand:

We were in the gorgeous alpine country west of Christchurch camped by lake Heron. We were surrounded by snow covered mountains and when we woke on our first morning the condensation on the glass inside our camper van had turned to ice.

That evening the temperature had again dropped to about zero degrees. I’d been kayaking all day and don’t like going to bed dirty. Hesitantly, I set up the EverShower together with our little hot water heater. I stripped off, freezing cold, jumped into the EverShower and turned on the water.

Naked and shivering, arms folded as the water on my back began to heat. Within about 30 seconds the warm water on me felt wonderful and I began to unfold. In just a couple of minutes the entire cubicle was delightfully warm and steamy. After about 10 minutes I was the warmest I’d been all day and really didn’t want to get out.

With the water set to recycle the water is retained but so is much of the heat. Consequently, the amount of gas required to keep the water warm is very minimal. Also, the little electric water pump hardly draws much power so all in all for me to stay in the shower as long as I wanted was absolutely no problem.

When I did eventually  turn the shower off I just unzipped the door, quickly so as to retain the heat, reached for my towel (hangs on the outside of the EverShower itself) and dried myself off inside. Clean, warm and glowing pink I stepped out of the EverShower feeling absolutely marvellous.

I might mention too that we had the most amazing little Webasto diesel heater inside our little camper van as well so the whole experience was really quite fantastic.