The Sydney 4WD and Adventure show proved to be the perfect place for our first public display. Serious travellers who do not always hang around caravan parks attend this show and these are mostly the types of people who overwhelmed us with their positive responses and on-the-spot purchases.

We also learned a great deal about shortcomings in our website descriptions, for example, and aspects that we hadn’t explained very well. The EverShower is a brand new concept and it’s complete function is not necessarily immediately understood by everybody. Hopefully we’ve now gone some way to correcting this but I’m sure we will continue to improve in this regard over time.

We had one EverShower on display set to recycle the water so this drew immediate surprise from almost everyone who passed by. The Saturday was quite cold so people were even more impressed when they put their hand into the shower and found the water warm.

At one stage we even had a lady telling others how good the EverShower was. She said she’d already bought one online. We are quite confident that this type of self-promotion will be a significant factor in the growth of our business as more and more people start using them.

It was hard work to stand all day, answering questions and demonstrating the product but the days seemed to go so quickly as we were absolutely flat out from gates open to gates close each day.

What took us most by surprise were the spontaneous purchases. We knew they’d be many hundreds of people who had been following our progress online coming to see and purchase but we never anticipated so many sales form people just seeing it for the first time at the show.

We look forward to our next show and meeting and creating more EverShower fans. Stay tuned for details.