Another very enjoyable and successful display at the Inverell 4×4, Fishing, Caravaning and Camping Expo. November has certainly been a busy month for EverShower.

The sort of people purchasing EverShowers has been many and varied. One couple bought one to put in their existing shower inside their caravan. They obviously wanted it so they could recycle the water. I thought to myself that it was a bit of a waste because they won’t be needing the tent screen or the pole frame but just the tub and pump etc. I mentioned this to them but they assured me they plan to use the tent screen as well so that the toilet doesn’t get covered in water every time someone takes a shower.

Many others were purchased as Christmas presents. A fellow exhibitor purchased one to put inside his big 4×4 Unimog. He now has an entire shower room which packs away into a drawer. He kindly posted photos on our Facebook page.

One gentleman was very excited to take one as a solution to the mud problem he’s used to experiencing every time his boys shower when they’re camping. He loved the idea that the EverShower includes its own base to stand in.

One local man purchased one then contacted me on the Monday after the show to check if I was still in town. Fortunately I was, because he wanted another one.

I really enjoyed the Inverell show especially as these folks really seem to appreciate the benefits of saving water.