This month EverShower celebrates its first birthday. What an amazing year it’s been. This time last year we had no clue whether or not there’s a viable market for the EverShower. We had a huge amount riding on the project not just financially but emotionally as well. Just because we loved it didn’t necessarily mean anyone else would love it. Some twenty exhibition and one year later, there is no doubt whatsoever, not just that a market exists, but a massive global market exists.

Every exhibition we’ve done has been an overwhelming success. EverShower sales have exceeded all our expectations and the feedback: constant comments like, “What a great¬† idea!”, “That’s definitely the best thing we’ve seen at the show”, “I can see a lot of thought has gone into that”, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” etc. has been very encouraging indeed.

An email from a customer the other day read: “I just want to let you know that we’re a family of seven. Showering with our five kids camping used to be a nightmare. This EverShower has been a revolution. We no longer have the muddy swamp at the end of each session and we just allocate each kid two liters of water and don’t care if they stay in their for half an hour, it’s still just two liters.”

It’s been quite a journey for us and a very enjoyable one at that. This is just the beginning.