Smarttek is one of Australia’s leading portable water heater manufactures. EverShower and Smarttek have joined forces to bring the best portable hot shower solution to people everywhere.

We have changed from the Coleman water heater due to the discontinuation of their product. To be honest, there are disadvantages and advantages to both. The Coleman heater is definitely unbeatable in terms compact and portability but in terms of performance the Smarttek is leagues ahead.

For the EverShower hot-water bundle we’re using the Smarttek Black, which is the top of the range Smarttek heater. Additionally, we’re supplying it with a 6 L per minute water pump instead of the  standard 4.3 L per minute pump. This means awesome water pressure (conserving water is obviously not an issue for us as we’re recycling anyway) and it means a greater ability to balance the water temperature.

Balancing the water temperate is what is required when recycling. A heater adds heat each time the water cycles through and the water looses heat as it falls from the shower rose. If the air temperature is not so cold, even with the heater on its minimum settings, the water cannot loose heat fast enough and the temperature of the water increases with each cycle. Of course, in this situation you can easily turn the gas off and just run the pump but this problem is greatly overcome with the higher capacity pump. With the faster pump the water spends less time in the heater therefor less heat is transferred. At the same time we get sensational water flow and a luxurious, guilt-free shower, virtually anywhere you like.

Here’s a video clip to show in more detail how well the EverShower and the Smarttek work together.