Well 2021 was certainly a wild adventure. EverShower sales have been booming around the world for two reasons: Firstly because it’s still a new and growing business and word is spreading fast but also because of covid. Rather than travelling overseas so many people are choosing, instead, to explore their own county and, invariably, this involves camping and, consequently, big demand for EverShowers.

We’re very disappointed to say that we received a percentage of defective water pumps with our last production. It only seems to be around 5% affected but it’s still far more than we are prepared to tolerate. If any of you experience problems with your water pump please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The good news is that our newest production run is now complete and we are very confident that our water pump problems are now behind us.

Wishing you all an absolutely, awesome 2022.

Larry Tofler (CEO)