The monsoon EverShower coupled together with the Smarttek black water heater provides the complete, luxurious solution to continuous hot water portable showering.

A long, hot, private, portable shower and the option to do so on just a few litres of water.

This bundle includes a 6L/minute water pump and an adaptor kit to pair nicely the Smarttek Black and the new generation Monsoon EverShower.

Certified to Australian Standards AS2658 – Portable Gas Hot Water System
(IAPMO Certificate Number GMK10507)

The Smarttek Black Smart Hot Water System is very easy to use and very easy to setup.

Unlike other hot water systems, the Smarttek Black Smart Hot Water System has been tested and certified to be assembled, used, dismantled and reused many times, in fact we have had our systems tested over 12,000 cycles, to ensure our customers are getting the best quality hot water system possible.

Each individual hot water system is assigned  the IAPMO Certificate Number GMK10507 compliance plate with individual serial numbers.

Included in the Bundle are:

1 x EverShower “Monsoon”

1 x EverShower/Smarttek adaptor kit.

1 x Smarttek Black Smart Hot Water System
1 x Premium Shower Kit with 2m of Stainless Steel Hose and Premium Twist Shower Rose with 2 Pressure Spray Patterns and On/Off Twist Controls
1 x 1500mm Approved Gas Hose and Regulator (AGA Approved)
1 x Brass Gas Connector and Rubber Grommet

1 x 6L 12v Water Pump
1 x 2.5m Power Cable With On/Off Switch and Two Alligator Clamps
2 x Lengths of 8mm Hose
1 x Quick Connect Hose Adaptor
2 x Hose Clamps to Attach to Pump

2 x D Size Batteries (Sample)
1 x Easy to Read Instruction Manual

Important note; Before you make your purchase we want each of our customers to be aware that the new Monsoon EverShower pump system is still in development and not yet 100% perfected. The high-capacity pump does perform incredibly well, however, occasionally it can experience an airlock. This means it may not pump immediately. Sometimes it’s easy to purge but other times it can take a few attempts. Because it’s such a good pump otherwise, we’re determined to preserver with it until we learn exactly why it performs flawlessly sometimes and not others. Your feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Please watch.