New Generation “Monsoon” EverShower

AUD $399.00

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The new generation EverShower includes:

  • Base unit
  • Shower tent
  • Pole frame
  • Hi-flow EverShower “monsoon” water pump
  • Hi-flow (100mm/4in diameter) shower rose
  • Clothesline attachment
  • Side drain reducer barb
  • 2 x drain plugs
  • Alloy tent pegs
  • Guy ropes
  • Hands-free shower rose strap
  • 4 x adjustable straps and hooks for overhead attachment
  • Operation manual

In stock


Our new, Australian designed, EverShower combines all the benefits of the original, with quite a few additional improvements.

It still gives you the opportunity to luxuriate in a long, hot, guilt-free shower, virtually anywhere on just a few liters of water, but this model includes the vastly-superior, EverShower (“monsoon”) 12v water pump with a flow rate of around 25 litres per minute (as compared to 4.5 litres per minute for most standard portable shower pumps). The bigger pump is coupled with a much larger, high-flow shower head (100mm/4in diameter) setting a whole new standard for portable showering.

A larger door makes for easy entering and exiting and a side drain means it’s very easy to attach a hose to direct the water away. This can be very useful for indoor use and for those who prefer to run the EverShower on continuous fresh water instead of recycling.

When the EverShower is in the standby mode (tent in the tub, lid on, frame erect) the clothesline attachment turns the unit into a very effective, free-standing clothes drying facility. This clothesline attachment is now included with each EverShower.

This superb package is enclosed in a super durable, UV stabalised, polyethylene case with a hard, ABS lid secured with heavy-duty shock cord.

The EverShower kit, of course, still includes the alloy pegs and guy ropes for windy conditions, as well as the hands-free shower rose holder and the adjustable straps and hooks for erecting with overhead points of attachment instead of the pole frame.

The roof is still completely detachable for those stunning nights showering under the stars but this is now an easy, one-zip operation.

It can be set up and packed down in seconds into its own case. At around 7.5kg it’s slightly heavier than our previous model but we believe the trade-off is well worth it.







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